Arabic Editor also offers translation  and editing/proof reading services on   a retainer basis (monthly, yearly or tailored to meet your specific needs)    or on as needed basis.




Our team of highly qualified translators, editors,

proof readers and transcribers are highly trained

not only in the Arabic language that we specialize

in, but also in skills that matter most such as

Computer Applications, Project Management, and

are well-versed in the nuances and variations

present in the many Arabic and Gulf dialects as

well as the social, political, religious, ethnic

realities of the country/region.

Translation Editing
Proof reading Transcribing
Certification Software Localization


  Diversified human expertise

          Satisfaction Guarantee

           Arabic natives!

               Many Arabic dialects

Typical Materials Translated


   Product and Service Brochures

   Collateral Materials

   Product Packaging

   Corporate Literature

   Written and Verbal Advertisements

   Company Newsletters

   Web Sites, Pages and Forms

   Annual and Other Reports

   Technical and Scientific Reports

   General Documents

   Technical Papers



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